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Firearms safety course information and registration

As part of the mission to enhance community relations and build a relationship with the people we serve, the Freetown Police Association hosts a firearms safety course that is accepted by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for Firearms Identification Cards (F.I.D.) and Class A, License to Carry Firearms (L.T.C.). The course is run by Sgt. Elton E. Ashley, III, Sgt. Edward Dwyer and Ptlm. Mark Fornaciari; all of whom are Massachusetts Police Training Committee (M.P.T.C.) Firearms Instructors and are department armorers and have over 50 years of combined experience in firearms use and instruction, use of force and defensive tactics.

As police officers, we know that our job is to do more than just enforce the law. The goal of the firearms safety course is to educate and train our fellow citizens, who choose to exercise their second amendment rights, in both the legal aspects and the carrying and use of firearms. The course help students learn and understand the following principles:

  • Identify the principle parts of a handgun and types of actions;
  • Identifiy the principle rules of safe handling of handguns and ammunition;
  • Demonstrate how to safely operate a handgun;
  • Identify the potential dangers of firearms:
  • Identify the basic responsibilites of safe handgun ownership and use;
  • Identify basic firearm laws relating to handgun ownership, carrying and use;
  • Identify how to safely store handguns and ammunition and methods of securing and childproofing firearms

Class size is limited to 25 students and enrollment is accepted on a "first-come, first-serve" basis." Students who pay with money orders the day of the class can expect certificates upon successful completion. Students who pay with personal checks can expect certificates in the mail within 14 days upon successful completion.

Currently, there are no classes scheduled at this time. Class enrollment notifications will be posted on the Freetown Police Association Facebook and Twitter pages as well as here on the website.